Victoria Judo Club Website

The Victoria Judo Club needed a new website and being that the CEO of Tremain Media is a green belt in Judo and has trained at Victoria Judo she was eager to take on the job. As a not-for-profit Vic Judo didn’t have a big budget for this site so with their trust in our hands we created a website and uploaded it as is. This kept costs under $900 yet gave them a beautiful website that is easy for them to update and change. Designing a website for a Vancouver Island dojo that has been developing judokas since 1957 was not only a pleasure but an honour. Being Vancouver Island web designers made it easy to connect with this project as well, as we do many web projects on Vancouver Island and in Victoria.

The first thing we do with any client is make sure the organization, individual or business owns their own domain names. All too often they don’t. The domain names and DNS are often owned and controlled by previous web designers, club members or tech contractors. We track down ownership of the domain and move them to ownership of the club,  business or appropriate individual. For the Victoria Judo club we moved two domain names from club members to the club itself. We then set up hosting on a Canadian server that the club pays for yearly and that is under their control. It’s important to us to make sure we not only make a great website but that the infrastructure is in place so that ownership is in the hands of our clients insuring a long and successful future on the Internet no mater who is doing their web work.