Social Media Management

We will provide unique posts to your social media channels at a frequency appropriate to your audience size and your voice. We find relevant articles and collect them in a cloud-based service that is easy for you to use. You go into that platform to approve articles, posts and images and modify the content we choose as you see fit. Here is where you can also shape direction for future posts, articles and shares that you find.

Two to three Tremain team members are included as admin on your pages and platforms. We will answer and respond to posts and comments on your page as well as forward you questions that are outside of our expertise so that you can respond directly. You will have more than one Tremain Media staff as admin so that our response time is fast and your page and your business is seen as responsive, alive and thriving.

We turn your social media into a living, relevant and responsive platform that shows up strongly in Google and shows your clients that your business is alive and thriving.