Nest to Wings Workshop and Brand Book

Tremain Media loves creating brands. It is rewarding, it is relational and, in essence, it reflects the best of who you are as a community. We have developed a Branding Workshop titled Nest to Wings which uses interactive sessions that bring together stakeholders from your company. After the Workshop, we create a Brand Book that you can use as future reference.

Tremain’s brand development is not simply art agreed upon, it is a process invoked. In order to understand the origin of brand we bring together stakeholders across a broad variety of diverse sectors and community groups in a process that brings together our experiences of place. It is here we uncover, test and trial our experiences of a businesses elemental character. This process is the safe nest that surrounds all that we hold dear of place. It protects us as we grow brand until it is ready to take flight and offer the world the opportunity to share and experience our home.

Tremain moves forward in brand development as a process which takes a deep look at the core of who you are and in doing so creates a visual identity that reflects this essence to the market place and holds up a mirror to you now – while also containing who you will evolve into. It is an identity that has evolved organically from place, story, history, attitude and traditions but also contains who we want to become. A story that once uncovered is given wings and moves easily being told not just told by marketers but by your entire customer base and fans – a core story that is told by all.

This process is the keystone to development in all marketing. It is the unifying feature that allows your clients, your customers and your fans to bring a visual and storied thread to place and become passionate advocates of Campbell River. It is an alive, agile and relevant iteration, easily repeatable and easily spoken. Tremain’s brand process Nest to Wings nurtures forth a unified vision and creates a brand with wings.