Digital Marketing Campaigns

Digital Marketing is an important part of any marketing strategy. We work with you to determine ad spend, what you will be promoting and how. This can be done through simple event set-ups or more complex advertising strategies. It often includes the production of customized, branded posts. We specialize in Facebook and YouTube advertising. We also provide Google Ads services.

We love creating pages and videos that people like to visit, share and come back to. The base of that is via organic posts and response, however, an important part of growing your reach and your clients includes utilizing advertising features and implementing a marketing strategy such as contests and campaigns. Good advertising involves professional ad copy and ad design along with targeting your audience within the chosen social media platforms.

We turn your social media into a living, relevant and responsive platform that shows up strongly in front of your clients.

(Facebook, YouTube and Google AdWord limitsĀ for advertising are predetermined by you and can be paid directly by you or by us)