Industry is our industry. With over a decade of working with the resource sector and various industries in British Columbia, we understand what you need.

WE BUILD RELATIONSHIPS WITH INDUSTRIES. The Tremain team supports in-house communication managers by supplying media assets and other tools needed to do your job with ease.

Our team knows how to work in the industry of industry. With over 15 years of experience working with a variety of sectors, from forestry to aquaculture to construction and beyond, Tremain Media is well-versed in the needs and expectations of our industrial partners.

Across the province, the nation and globally, the face of industry is rapidly changing. Companies in all sectors need to constantly balance the needs of their employees, stakeholders and their environments, while simultaneously evolving and continuing to develop best practices. They need to communicate with all of those audiences, keeping them informed and up-to-date about how they are working, growing and improving.

That’s a lot for one communications manager. And that is where we come in.

Tremain Media has been tracking these changes for nearly two decades, alongside the sweeping shifts in media and marketing. We have the experience and tools to address both sets of challenges, bringing innovation and creativity to your communications strategy. We are here to exist as communication manager’s ‘silent team,’ quietly and consistently giving the communication manager the media tools he or she needs.

BC Hydro – John Hart Dam Project

Since pre-construction began in 2012, Tremain Media has been proud to work closely with not only BC Hydro, but partners SNC-Lavalin and InPower BC to showcase the success of this now, nearly-completed project.

The replacement of a dam and generating station on the Campbell River will be wrapping up in 2019, and will reach the finish line as one of BC Hydro’s most extensive projects, with a price tag reaching over $1 billion.

Keeping the public informed about this project was a key directive for the communication manager. He started this process by creating an interpretative centre and at the centre of this is an interactive touch screen. Tremain created this touch screen in partnership with specialists in this area and produced five videos to explain the water system that surrounds the new system.

After that was complete and construction began, Tremain created 2 videos a year to keep stakeholders, taxpayers, industry partners and government bodies informed and updated as to the progress of the project.

To date, Tremain has created 11 videos as well as additional clips and videos for television stations, social media and internal presentations.We have also been tasked with photography, capturing hundreds of high-quality images used on the website and construction update reports.

However, one of our most rewarding asset creations for BC Hydro was developed using our Tremain Visual Data System. We set up a camera and captured time-lapse footage of the dam worksite for three years. This method of image capture is extremely valuable for a number of reasons.

A full day, week, month or even years of work can be compressed into mere minutes, allowing off-site managers to review and analyze how work is progressing on a regular basis, directly from their phone, tablet or computer.

Timelapse footage is accessed through our secure, encrypted and private Cloud portal, where it can be analyzed, tagged, and shared to your project management software. This valuable footage was also repurposed for use on television, social media, documentaries, promotional videos or press releases. The most used feature was Tremain’s auto-panorama feature – taking hundreds of HD photos of the site and stitching them together to create one large format site photos. This was done weekly over the life of the project and sent to all internal teams. The panorama photos were also used in public newsletters and press releases.

Remediation Project

We also used timelapse to monitor and share the incredible decommissioning and remediation of the Salmon River Dam site, a major hindrance to spawning salmon. From July until October, 2017, our camera recorded the determined efforts of a large work crew, who worked through several unforeseen and difficult circumstances to return the river to its natural state in time for the mid-September salmon run. They were successful, and the footage we captured was instrumental in showcasing the important environmental work undertaken by BC Hydro.

Safety Videos

Safety is a critical aspect of any industrial site. Our clients are committed to creating workplaces that operate safely and without injury. Tremain Media is happy to support a safe workplace by providing safety videos and safety print and digital materials for a variety of industries including construction, forestry, aquaculture, marine and mining.

Training Videos

Not every employee can be at every training session and when providers are coming in from other provinces or countries it’s important you capture the operational equipment details you need. Tremain Media captures equipment and process training for a variety of industries. Using two video cameras and editing in power point and presentation materials we package your training for future reference and use. We’ve created videos for specific equipment, processes and machinery ranging from large GE turbines to data and communications systems to compressed air system training to new fire truck apparatus training.

Tower 1 training image

We can’t say it enough – industry is our industry. Our creatives love the challenge of capturing the beauty to be seen in industrial settings and helping to share it with the world. And our teams are always custom-built to suit your project, designed to grow or shrink as progress demands. For consistent excellence and unbeatable flexibility, get in touch. Our cameras are by the door, next to our steel toes and hard hats. Let’s get to work.