Government departments need diverse asset libraries that can be used to spread key messages to a variety of audiences, including constituents, businesses, stakeholders and your own internal team. Tremain Media creates the media tools you need to communicate the right message to your key audiences.

WE BUILD RELATIONSHIPS WITH LOCAL, PROVINCIAL, AND FEDERAL GOVERNMENT AND DEPARTMENTS. Tremain works with communications managers, economic development officers, engineering and public works departments, community and development departments and more. We know that each has their own unique message, goals and strategies and we adapt our media products to your voice.

We have worked closely with all levels of government on a diverse range of projects, collaborating with federal, municipal and provincial government, as well as departments across the governmental spectrum. Every level of government has unique needs and different messaging that they need to get out to different audiences. We meet government communications team at the table providing flexible teams customized to fit the exact needs of the project.

Our teams are tailored not only for each entity, but for each project, every piece of media, every single product that each of these departments bring us on board to execute. This means that we have the ability to meet budgeting restrictions, time constraints and stakeholder concerns at every point.

Federal Government Projects

Working with federal government bodies is always rewarding, and lets our team put all of its skills into action. Executing at this level requires adherence to strict guidelines and protocols, as well as intense collaboration with multiple partners. We often spend months or years working on federal projects, and when it all comes together, the results are always excellent.


The restoration of Rock Bay in Victoria, BC, took nearly two years and the collaborative power of several government departments and private companies. It remains one of the largest remediation projects in Canadian history.

Tremain Media utilized our custom timelapse capturing system over the course of the project, providing detailed daily updates and live camera monitoring. Our footage was an integral part of the reporting and documentation process for all involved parties, including Transport Canada, Public Works and Government Services Canada, Ministry of Forests and BC Hydro, to name a few. Our unique camera setup meant all of the various stakeholders could monitor site activity, improve safety and maintain efficiency, thanks to our specially-designed Cloud data infrastructure.

Afterwards, we developed four videos showcasing the complete restoration of this former coal facility site, in French and in English. Our team was extremely proud to be involved in such an important environmental project.

Rock Bay

Rock Bay

Provincial Government Projects

At a provincial level, Tremain Media is often contending with other agencies for specific projects as they come up. These responses to Request for Proposals (RFP) and Requests for Qualifications (RFQ) need to be detailed, creative and realistic when it comes to timelines and budgets. When the project gets underway, we are often working with in-house communication managers or teams, sometimes for days or weeks, or even over a year, producing in-depth materials for diverse audience groups. Locations can be anywhere throughout the province, and the final editing process must be meticulous.

Working at a provincial level has taught us how to move quickly on deadlines, create tight budgets and maximize our teams’ flexibility. These examples in particular have been great provincial partners whom we continue to work with today:


We work with the Ministry of Education directly – and through Open School BC (OSBC) – an important arm of the Ministry of Ed.

We have been working with Open School BC for a few years now; our relationship with them is strong in a number of ways. You might say that Open School BC is right in our wheelhouse. Our founder’s Masters thesis focused on educational video and her producers have a love of learning. This is important as educational material sometimes means taking a deep dive into new topics.

We work with OSBC instructional designers and create videos for their programs, online courses and for educational purposes. Through OSBC we’ve worked with ProcessSafe, BC Palliative Care and the Ministry of Education.

This past year alone, we have:

  • Captured video and audio for an online learning course within the health industry.
  • Completed a skills training video series for the Ministry of Education.
  • Developed a curriculum assessment video to boost understanding of British Columbia’s new public school curriculum.

Our experience working with OSBC has been incredibly rewarding. With our background in education and our experience working with government, we are able to create high-quality assets and learning aids that impact students and teachers around the province.

Municipal Government Projects

The Tremain team loves to build relationships with local governments and departments. We work directly with communications managers, economic development officers, engineering and public works departments and more. We know that each comes with their own unique message, goals and strategies, so we create media products to fit the voice of the city and the individuals that run it.


Within the City of Campbell River, we work closely with their new Economic Development Officer, who is tasked with diversifying and growing the local economic landscape. In cities big and small, this is no easy feat. It requires multiple messaging strategies targeted to diverse audiences, ranging from everyday citizens to global investors.

It also requires the constant balancing of several mediums and channels, including social media, print materials, press releases and advertisements.

When we started this relationship, our team asked one key question: what does this department need to do their job extremely well?

The answer is two-fold. First, a strong asset library, containing hundreds of high-quality materials, including photographs, video footage, brand resources and text.

Second, a curated team of professionals who are intimately aware of the messaging needed for this department, working together to get that message to the right audience.

In addition, with access to this wealth of materials stored in their customized asset libraries, Tremain Media can make quality, impactful materials with quick-turnaround deadlines.

We continue to enjoy working with the Economic Development Office of Campbell River, deepening the trust and respect that sustains our ongoing relationship.

City of Nanaimo

We worked with the City of Nanaimo for three years creating videos educating their constituency about their region, as well as their procedures and policies. Alas, with all the upheaval in this municipal government and a high staff turnover in 2017 and 2018, many of the videos didn’t get released.

Video communication from the engineering department had a much different tone than, for example, what we created for the planning department. What was consistent is that all communication and instruction came from or through an efficient communications manager – who also helped us understand the subtle cultural differences between departments. We loved the process – it kept the tone of each department while keeping the brand of the city.

Governments have complex messaging needs, and we have the skills and experience to deliver those messages.

Having the support network of Tremain’s dedicated creatives at the ready to help you get your message out there is an invaluable resource, whether you are running the city, the province or the country.

Constituents want to know that their elected officials are doing everything they can to make their home a prosperous, safe and forward-thinking mark on the map. Business leaders need to stay connected to the economic pulse of what’s happening, and investors need to be told that they should take a close look at where you are, because it’s where they need to be.

Tremain Media is made up of communications experts, ready to bring our expertise and experience to the inner workings of our elected government bodies.