Tremain Media brings expertise and experience to the educational space, putting all of our skills into play to create imaginative and accessible materials in full collaboration with our educational partners.

WE LOVE to EDUCATE. Education is our passion at Tremain Media – it’s a factor that we bring into every project we do.

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Whether a video for a construction company or photography destined for a new website, we are always aiming to provide knowledge and understanding to the audience. So, when we get the chance to work in the educational space, we crank it up to 11. It also helps that founder and CEO, Leah Tremain, has a Masters degree in Education with a focus on educational video.

Working with teachers, principals, school trustees and district administration is always an incredibly rewarding experience, knowing that we are playing a part in keeping parents and students engaged in our education system. We also love working at a higher level with provincial educational bodies, usually on on-going projects, aware that we are helping educators and students across the province. And finally, there are post-secondary institutions and teaching facilities that serve a workforce ready to learn. Whether it be FoodSafe video processes for people in the hospitality industries, online educational videos for nurses involved in hospice care, graphics about tire safety or a series of 94 videos for an online entrepreneurial academy – we learn so much helping people learn.

Ministry of Education

The Ministry of Education is our Hollywood. Tremain Media started as a company that produced educational videos and had them distributed throughout Canada and the US. Our roots are in education, so we are always thrilled when we can work with our provincial Ministry. Filming conferences, videos for classrooms and videos for teachers, it’s always a great learning process and a pleasure to engage.

This video took us throughout the province to capture. Working with OSBC and the Ministry of Education, we were pleased to support the new curriculum by assisting in telling the story of classroom assessment and assessment literacy in BC.

As the Ministry says: “Classroom assessments are an integral part of the instructional process and can serve as meaningful sources of information about student learning. Feedback from ongoing assessment in the classroom can be immediate and personal for a learner and guide the learner to understand their misconceptions and use the information to set new learning goals.”

District Partner – School District 72

Districts across the province are working hard to attract new teachers, and School Distrist 72 is no exception. When they approached us in the spring of 2018 to help develop recruitment materials that would convey relevant information to prospective teachers, we jumped at the chance. Our team members have children who are currently in or will soon be a part of the SD72 community, so we were instantly invested in the project personally.

The project called for curated photography and video footage gathered from several schools, which would be used to create banners, tabletop and standing, rack cards and business cards, as well as two separate videos highlighting different aspects of the district and city. This alone required a massive coordination effort between:

Tremain Media and the district administration
3 principals
6 teachers
1 busy professional photographer
And our busy videography team

This needed to happen in May; we had to get the images and footage together before schools went into ‘end-of-year’ mode. To top it off, everything had to be done on one single day to maintain cost and time efficiency.

Luckily, our producers love a challenge, and shoot-day went off without a hitch. The results were passed on to our graphic design and editing wizards, who spent the summer perfecting the videos and other materials until the client was thrilled with them. Our trusted local printing partners did an incredible job, and we delivered all of the materials, complete with travel-ready cases, just in time for SD72 to hit the conventions.

School Districts 71 and 68

School Districts have many facets to their operations including international student programs and, in the case of School District 71, a school program tailored to athlete-students called Performance Athlete Custom Education or PACE.

We create a number of assets for school district across British Columbia. Here is a video we produced for School District 68 to showcase the Nanaimo – Ladysmith School District’s International Student program.

Our team is proud to work with districts, school boards and educational bodies at all levels – it all makes a difference in the lives of students. Through strong collaboration with our clients, we aim to create accessible and imaginative materials that bring enhanced understanding to students, parents and teachers.