Peter Rukavina

Peter Rukavina is President of Reinvented Inc., a website design and construction company. Reinvented works with clients like Yankee Publishing to develop innovative, interactive, web-based tools and applications. Peter is an occasional contributor to a variety of CBC’s radio programs including; Spark, Maritime Noon and Main Street.

Havind Sehmi, BA (Economics), MBA,

Havind is skilled in the arena of intellectual property management. He has also spent 14 years in the BC government as the lead for the development of the Technology Transfer infrastructure in the Province of BC.

Kevin Patrick, CGA

Kevin is the secretary-treasurer for School District #72. He brings his passion for business, his strategic thinking and his financial expertise to Tremain Media Inc.

Michael Clare, BA, MA, LLB

Michael has been practising law, specializing in business organizations and companies, for 25 years. He brings his wealth of business and law expertise to Tremain Media Inc.

Dr. Layne Marshal

Layne is an educator, facilitator, consultant and community developer. He brings his education and experience to bear in developing and delivering board training; facilitating strategic, operational and financial planning; and helping organizations to prepare and implement evaluation programs and procedures for both internal and external reporting.