Tremain Media Inc. began in 2001 as the sole proprietorship Read-TV Productions. Its first release, a literacy-based DVD, was produced by Leah Tremain as the thesis project for her Master’s in Education, thus establishing the company’s fundamental link between education and video production.

In 2006 the Read-TV proprietorship, brand, intellectual properties and all its assets were purchased and folded into the newly-formed enterprise, Tremain Media Inc.

Tremain Media was incorporated with two shareholders – Leah Tremain and the University of Victoria’s Innovation and Development Corporation. In 2011 Tremain Media Inc. purchased all shares owned by University of Victoria’s Innovation and Development Corporation (now UVic Industry Partnership) thus terminating the firm’s relationship with the University.

Tremain Media initially produced educational material in partnership with educational institutions, not-for-profits, foundations and charities. Tremain Media retained ownership of a number of titles and sold the material to schools, institutions, post-secondary institutions, not-for-profits, libraries and homes across Canada and the US. Tremain Media had three educational distributors and sold over 68,000 educational DVDs across Canada.

Tremain Media’s success in the educational market resulted in clients requesting their services in producing exclusive material, thus engaging Tremain Media as a client-focused, work-for-hire company and thereby enabling an expansion of scope and services. Currently, Tremain Media produces a range of educational and promotional content in a variety of media. The company produces film and television content, web and social media sites, books, advertising and a broad range of print and web-based materials. Tremain Media content has aired on NBC-Universal, Versus and NBC Sports. Additional offerings include promotional, educational and documentary films for a variety of government and corporate clients, including the Ministry of Children & Family Development, BC Hydro, YVR and Alberta Education.

From 2012 to 2019 Tremain has built the company’s expertise in time-lapse and digital monitoring services with a look to starting a new company, Tremain Visual. After a successful initial run and development of innovative IP – the competition caught up before Tremain Visual was able to expand.  In 2019 that aspect of the business was shuttered. Always looking to innovate and grow Tremain Media was, at the same time, incubating http://onmai.xyz/  Beginning in 2010 and continuing to 2019 Tremain Media was proud to support this innovative startup – created by one of Tremain’s, now former, employee and shareholder.

Currently Tremain Media engages in pre-production, production and post production in all media working with our staff and best-in-class contractors on a project-by-project basis. Tremain Media has five staff members and up to 15 sub-contractors and consultants.